Rust is quite an exciting programming language from two points of views for me. On one hand there’s strong influence from functional programming lanugages, such as OCaml, in Rust to feel like an expression oriented language with pattern matching1, algebraic data types2 etc.

Then there’s also the focus on zero cost abstractions3 in Rust which makes it possible to be competitive with C/C++ when it comes to performance4. Even though C++ is no longer a stagnant language, Rust is increasing a very good option already where former is dominating currently, at the very least for greenfield projects.

Thus playing with and learning Rust has been in the back of my mind for quite some time now and I thought of documenting recipes and simple solutions to practical programming problems on the way in the form for a Gitbook, mostly for my own reference.

I plan to go about the task of writing recipes based two approaches. One is to follow other well received cookbooks, such as Python Cookbook, and think about solving those problems in Rust in an idiomatic way. Then also I would like to focus on aspects of writing high performant and reliable backend services in Rust - the types of which Java or Go is used (at my current full time work, for example).

Wiki book is published at All code and source files for the book are open source and PRs are welcome for any inaccuracies or improvements.