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Run Commuting

I recently started running to work and this is a post on my experience and some recommendations which might be useful for others as well. Motivation There are a couple of motivating factors why I thought of start running to work. Getting a morning run done before work It was becoming increasingly difficult to do a morning run before going to work and lately I have been falling behind on my weekly running goals....

December 3, 2021

Born to Run

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall has been probably the most influential running book I’ve read thus far. I was into running recreationally when I first read it a couple of years ago, but the book made me rethink running in many different aspects. The main thesis of the book builds on and popularised the ideas of researchers such as Daniel Lieberman contending that endurance running is one of traits which modern humans (homo sapiens) were optimised from an evolutionary perspective1....

July 26, 2021

Running Books

These are some of the books I’ve enjoyed very much on running. Once a Runner The story of Quenton Cassidy This probably has a lot of sentimental value for me. Again to Carthage - Cassidy's story continued - This is a story of a high school runner Running with the Buffaloes One of the best books on collegiate running I’ve read. This is based on a true story Born to Run This book left a lasting impact on how I approach running from technique to enjoying running....

June 14, 2021

Flashcards in Markdown

Anki is an indispensable tool for studies which aids memorisation through spaced repetition1. Flashcards are really good for learning new languages and any subjects which requires a lot of memorisation. There are other software both free and proprietory for spaced repetition based learning. With its pretty good mobile application, which is free on the Android platform, Anki has been my go to solution for flashcards. Having the ability to use the flashcards on phone was an important factor in my decision to settle on Anki for this purpose as opposed to other solutions such as org-mode based solutions which briefly I explored initially....

May 12, 2021

Linux Mint Hibernate

I have a Thinkpad T470p laptop with Linux Mint 20.1 (Xfce) installed for personal use and power management is one of the things I dislike in otherwise a pretty good laptop. Compared to my work laptop, a Macbook, the Thinkpad drains battery in sleep mode and I often find the battery completely drained if I happen to not to use the laptop for a couple of days. Since Linux Mint does not come with Hibernation option enabled out of the box, following are the steps I did to enable this option....

April 8, 2021